Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale

One of the finest exhibitions of contemporary realism of the Western United States, the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale features an eclectic mix of styles and mediums as well as established artists to unknown talent.

Dan Young, 2018 CWA Featured Artist

Dan Young named the 2018 Featured Artist

I love the  challenge of the unknown every time I step up to the easel. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the studio or out in the field. I have a vision of what I want the painting to say when it is finished. The challenge begins as the first stroke of paint is applied. No matter how much preliminary work I’ve done, the painting still evolves in the painting process. This can be a great thing, or disaster in the making. I have a great job!

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“The Super Moon on the Colorado” by Dan Young, 2018 Featured Artist

The Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale is a part of the National Western Stock Show. The exhibit is open to the public the same hours as the Stock Show, January 6-21, 2018. The “Art Room” or gallery is located on the 3rd level of the Expo Hall. There is no additional fee to get into the art gallery, but there is grounds admission to come into the Stock Show.

Opening night: The Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale opens with Red Carpet Reception on January 3, 2018Click here to be redirected to to purchase tickets.

The Gallery at the National Western Club is now under the guise of the Coors Western Art Show, introducing even more artists to patrons of contemporary Western art. Due to the fact the National Western Club is members only, patrons need an escort to view the art. Please enquire in the Art Room for a volunteer guide.

Please go to for more information, to purchase tickets, and to preview art.


Dr. Steven Kick, MD, Chair
Mark Warren, Vice Chair
Amanda Boswell
Kathy Coors
Ann Daley
Ericka Houck Englert
Judy Grant
Bridget Grier
Lisa Haselden
Jocelyn Hittle
Heather K. Miller
Leigh Ann Nicas
Becky Schmeits
Lewis Wilks
Bill Winn


Hollis Anderson, Chair
Erik Anderson
Sarah Barrett
Amanda Boswell
Chase Boswell
Austin Carpenter
Drake Carpenter
Jen Hardie
Amy Humble
Jennifer Jones
Ashley Larrick
Jen Livsey
Chancy Love
Elizabeth Martin
Haley Mirr
Caitlin Whitham

The purpose of this volunteer group is to serve as gallery staff in the nationally acclaimed Coors Western Art Show and Sale art room. Volunteers will assist NWSS staff and consultants with the day-to-day operations of the art room. Volunteers that choose to commit 30 Hours of their volunteer time in the art room during the stock show may become eligible to work as hosts for the Red Carpet Gala Reception and sale.

Art room volunteers greet and work with the artists and the public, and process art sales.  Details of the day-to-day functions will be covered during volunteer training sessions. Extra training will be required for art room volunteers. The Art Room Volunteer Liaison is the liaison between volunteers, NWSS staff and NWSS consultants.


Check-in at the Volunteer Center , then proceed to the Coors Western Art Room, which is located on the third floor of the Expo Hall. Report to the Art Room Captain for shift assignment. (Those volunteers that may work a partial shift in the National Western Club Gallery should still check in for assignments at the Art Room.) Check off your name on the shift schedule located in the art storeroom by the sales desk and put on the Art Room Volunteer suede collar. Remember to take off the collar and leave it on the coat rack in the storeroom at the end of the shift.


  1. Welcome guests to the Coors Art Exhibit and Sale.
  2. After training, be familiar with the artists and their work to assist with visitor’s questions  about artwork, art mediums and how the sales proceeds benefit the NWSS Scholarship Trust.
  3. Be trained in all Art Room areas including the sales desk, gallery, and computer and expect to rotate between the various positions.
  4. Prepare the art room and gallery to open for visitors.
  5. Staff the entry door to the gallery, to manage traffic flow, including strollers, cell phones, large packages, backpacks etc.
  6. Keep guest attendance each day of the show.
  7. Complete art and poster sales transactions (computer training required) in the art room.
  8. Assist with school tours and children’s scavenger hunts in the art room.
  9. Manage the “People’s Choice” computer kiosk and assist guests to enter their vote for their people’s choice.
  10. Provide assistance to the NWSS staff and consultants.
  11. Assist Art Room Leadership team, prepare for closing and remember to clock out.
  12. For those volunteers that assist in the art room for the Red Carpet Reception: register and greet guests, provide directions, explain sales process, assist with the bid and drawing process for art sales, complete sales transactions, and hand out posters as guests leave.
  13. Attire for working in the gallery is nice street clothes or western attire. Blue jeans are not preferred. Attire for the Red Carpet Reception is your best dressy western duds.

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Come learn more about the National Western Stock Show volunteer program - we have information sessions throughout the year.

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