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John C. Malone, PhD - 2017 Citizen of the West

John C. Malone, PhD – 2017 Citizen of the West

Each year a Citizen of the West is selected from community leaders who exemplify the spirit and determination of a western pioneer. These modern day pioneers are honored for their economic and philanthropic endeavors in the West.  It is with great pleasure we announce Dr. John C. Malone as the 39th Citizen of the West! Born in Connecticut, John Malone’s pursuit of higher education in the 1960’s led to a BA in Electrical Engineering and Economics from Yale, and an MS in Industrial Management capped by a PhD in Operations Research, both from Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Malone began his career at Bell/AT&T and General Instruments before he moved west to Colorado in 1973, where he served 24 years as CEO of TCI.  In 1991, TCI spun off Liberty Media Corporation to house its programming assets, which remained in Dr. Malone’s control after the sale of TCI in 1999. Malone serves as Chairman of the Board of Liberty to this day.

A grateful beneficiary of a scholarship that set his path for the future, John established the Malone Family Foundation and its renowned Malone Scholars Program to support gifted students in earning a private education.  Malone’s passion for engineering and medicine is reflected in his financial support of higher education institutions supporting these two disciplines.  In 2014, Malone and his wife, Leslie, helped create the CSU Institute for Biologic Translational Therapies, which aims to develop stem cell treatments for animals and people.

Malone is respected as a great philanthropist for land preservation and is the founder of the Malone Family Land Preservation Foundation.  A believer in land conservation, he has said, “Productive land is one of the very few permanent values throughout history.”  In 2011, John Malone became the largest individual private landowner in the United States. He owns and oversees many successful cattle ranches in the West and timber operations in the Northeast.  Moreover, John is a strong advocate for our western way of life and values.  He and Leslie reside near their ranch land southeast of Denver.

Please join us in honoring this outstanding individual, John C. Malone, the 2017 Citizen of the West. 

Date & Time: 
Monday, January 9th, 2017
5:30pm – 9:00pm
National Western Events Center
1515 E. 47th Avenue
Denver, CO 80216
– TABLE $4000 per table of 10
– SEATS $400 per person
– MAVERICK $250 per person
(must be 39 or under)

To purchase tickets or tables, please contact:

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