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January 2015 Tentative Event Schedule - Includes FREE Parking

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Thursday, January 08, 2015
8:00 AMWool Show JudgingStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
9:00 AMShorn Fleece Show (Alpaca & Llama)Stadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
1:00 PMHand Spinning Wool JudgingStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock

Saturday, January 10, 2015
7:30 AMNational Gelbvieh Junior Heifer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMRed Angus Show Jr.Stadium ArenaLivestock
10:00 AMGelbvieh/ Gelbveih Balancer FuturityStadium ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMAn Afternoon with Llamas/ AlpacasStadium ArenaLivestock
2:30 PMLlama/ Alpaca ShowStadium ArenaLivestock

Sunday, January 11, 2015
8:00 AMGelbvieh & Balancer Pen ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
10:00 AMCatch-A-Calf Show, Photo Session & Final AwardsStadium ArenaLivestock
11:00 AMRed Angus Pen ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
1:00 PMNational Gelbvieh SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMLlama/ Alpaca ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
4:00 PMRed Angus Mile High Classic SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock

Monday, January 12, 2015
8:00 AMNational Gelbvieh & Balancer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMRed Angus ShowStadium ArenaLivestock

Tuesday, January 13, 2015RAM Day
9:00 AMNational Limousin Junior Heifer/ Lim-Flex ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMNational South Devon ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
11:00 AMVitaFerm ConceptAid Lunch & LearnLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
1:00 PMShow-Rite ClinicStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
2:00 PMNational Braunvieh SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
4:00 PMJunior Market Goat ShowmanshipStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
6:00 PMNational Limousin SaleBeef PalaceLivestock

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
8:00 AMAngus Bull Super Point ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMNational Limousin MOEStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMJunior Market Goat ShowStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
10:00 AMNational Braunvieh ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
12:00 PMAngus Bull Sale ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
1:00 PMJunior Market Goat ChampionshipStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
2:00 PMBoer Goat ShowStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
3:30 PMAngus Bull SaleBeef PalaceLivestock

Thursday, January 15, 2015
8:00 AMJunior Angus Heifer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMNational Hereford Bull ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMLimousin & Lim-Flex Carload & Pen ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
12:00 PMNational Hereford Junior Heifer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMAngus "Denim & Diamonds" Sale Cattle DisplayExpo Hall (Level 1)Livestock
5:00 PMAngus "Denim & Diamonds" SaleBeef PalaceLivestock
7:00 PMTrowbridge Family & Friends SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock

Friday, January 16, 2015
8:00 AMAngus Female Super Point ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMHereford Pen of Heifers ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMHerd Sire Display OpensStockyardsLivestock
9:30 AMHereford Pen / Carload Bull ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
12:00 PMDenver National Maine-Anjou/Maine Tainer Pen ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
1:00 PMAndis Grooming DemonstrationStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
2:00 PMRanch House Design WorkshopBeef PalaceLivestock
2:30 PMColorado Angus Assn. Foundation Female SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
4:00 PMHereford Sale Cattle DisplayStadium ArenaLivestock
6:00 PMNational Hereford SaleStadium ArenaLivestock

Saturday, January 17, 2015Pepsi Day
8:00 AMAngus Pen / Carload ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMNational Hereford Female ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMHerd Sire Display OpensStockyardsLivestock
9:00 AMNational Charolais Pen ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
11:00 AMShorthorn Pen ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMShow-Rite ClinicStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
3:00 PM"Bright Lights" Maine-Anjou Bull/ Female SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
4:00 PMJunior Market Lamb ShowmanshipStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
6:00 PMWestern Elite Female SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock

Sunday, January 18, 2015CenturyLink Day
8:00 AMCharolais Jr Heifer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMChianina/ Chiangus Pen of Bulls/ Females ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMJunior Market Lamb ShowStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
8:00 AMOpen Maine-Anjou Bull Show/ Junior Maine Tainer Breeding Heifers / Open Maine Tainer Show / Junior Maine-Anjou Breeding Heifers / Open Maine-Anjou Heifer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMSimmental Pen of Bulls ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMHerd Sire Display OpensStockyardsLivestock
10:00 AMChianina/ Chiangus Sale Cattle EvaluationLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
11:00 AMJunior Shorthorn Heifer & Jr ShorthornPlus Heifer Show/ National Shorthorn Bull ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
12:00 PMOpen Percentage Charolais ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
1:00 PMACA "Hybrid Advantage" Sale Bull & Female SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMPens of 3&5 Prospect Calves ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
2:30 PMNational Charolais SaleBeef PalaceLivestock
3:00 PMNational Salers Bull & Geifer Pen ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
5:00 PM"The Summit" National Shorthorn Sale Cattle ParadeStadium ArenaLivestock
6:00 PM"The Summit" National Shorthorn SaleBeef PalaceLivestock
6:00 PMJunior Market Lamb Champion SelectionStadium ArenaLivestock

Monday, January 19, 2015
8:00 AMNational ROE Charolais ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMSimmental Pen of Heifers ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMChianina Junior ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
10:00 AMPens of 3&5 Prospect Calves SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
11:30 AMSalers Sale Cattle DisplayExpo Hall (Level 1)Livestock
1:00 PM40th National Salers SaleBeef PalaceLivestock
1:00 PMAmerican Galloway ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
1:00 PMNational Shorthorn Female Show/ Open Shorthorn Plus ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
3:00 PMSimmental SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
6:00 PMShow-Rite ClinicStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
8:00 AMSimmental Jr Breeding Heifer Show/ Simmental Bull ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMSalers Jr Breeding Heifer Futurity/ 40th National Salers Open ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMSureChamp Hospitality Booth- Wool DisplayStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
11:00 AMPiedmontese ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
4:00 PMJunior Market Swine ShowmanshipStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
6:00 PMShow-Rite ClinicBeef PalaceLivestock

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
8:00 AMNational Simmental Female ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMJunior Market Swine ShowStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
9:30 AMNWSS Commercial Heifer ShowLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
10:00 AMNational Wagyu Female & Bull ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
1:00 PMAndis Clipping DemonstrationBeef PalaceLivestock
2:30 PMNWSS Commercial Female SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
3:00 PMJunior Market Beef ShowmanshipStadium ArenaLivestock
7:00 PMJunior Market Swine Champion SelectionStadium ArenaLivestock

Thursday, January 22, 2015
8:00 AMJunior Market Beef ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMStock Dog Sale PreviewStockyardsLivestock
10:00 AMNational Lowline People's Choice ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
11:30 AM7th Annual Stock Dog SaleStockyardsLivestock
1:00 PMNational Lowline SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMYak Pen ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
6:00 PMHighland Jr Breeding Heifer Show/ Steers & Prospect ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
6:00 PMJunior Market Beef Championship SelectionStadium ArenaLivestock

Friday, January 23, 2015
8:00 AMMiniature Hereford World ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMNational Bison JudgingStockyardsLivestock
8:00 AMNational Highland ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMNational Lowline Junior Show/ ShowmanshipStockyards ArenaLivestock
8:00 AMStock Dog Trials (preliminary cattle competition)StockyardsLivestock
9:00 AMNational Lowline Female ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMOpen Prospect Heifer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
3:00 PMPoultry ShowmanshipStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
3:00 PMTexas Longhorn World Show (Haltered)Stockyards ArenaLivestock
6:30 PMAuction of Junior Livestock ChampionsBeef PalaceLivestock

Saturday, January 24, 2015Chevrolet Day
8:00 AMJunior Ewe Lamb Showmanship (All Breeds)Stadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
8:00 AMNational Lowline Pen ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
8:30 AMBreeding Sheep Shows (Wool Breeds- Jr., Breeding, Natural Color)Stadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
9:00 AMNational Lowline Bull ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMOpen Prospect Steer ShowStadium ArenaLivestock
9:00 AMPoultry JudgingStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
10:00 AMNational Highland SaleBeef PalaceLivestock
10:00 AMStock Dog Trials (Final Cattle Competition)StockyardsLivestock
11:00 AMNational Gold Trophy Bison SaleLivestock Center ArenaLivestock
2:00 PMMiniature Hereford World SaleBeef PalaceLivestock
2:00 PMYak Halter ShowStockyards ArenaLivestock
3:00 PMStock Dog Trials (Open Sheep Competition)Stadium ArenaLivestock
3:00 PMTexas Longhorn World Show (Non-haltered)Stockyards ArenaLivestock
6:30 PMSheep Lead ContestStadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock

Sunday, January 25, 2015
8:30 AMBreeding Sheep Show (Meat Breeds & Jr. Meat Breeds)Stadium Hall (Level 1)Livestock
9:00 AMStock Dog Trials (Intermediate Sheep Competition)Stadium ArenaLivestock
Prices subject to change on the date of event