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The Western Stock Show Association was formed in 1906 as a non-profit corporation whose mission is education in agriculture, and it qualifies as an IRS 501(c) (3) charitable educational institution. Through its professional staff and committees, the association produces and organizes the internationally renowned National Western Stock Show, and operates the nation’s premier center for America’s western heritage. That is overseen and governed by a 16 member board of directors selected by a 99 member board of trustees who in turn are elected by over 1400 members. Committees are involved year-round in all aspects of the organization and are comprised of volunteers.

Membership in the Western Stock Show Association is open to any individual or entity interested in the educational purposes of the Association in the fields of livestock and agriculture.  Association members are encouraged to participate at the Annual Meeting of the Members held each April or May and special membership meetings held throughout the year. Member support of and at The National Western Stock Show each January is always appreciated.

Persons or entities interested in becoming members of the Association shall submit to the Nominating Committee letters of support for such membership from two members of the Association, one of whom must be a Trustee. The Nominating Committee will bring forth those nominations to the Board of Directors at each Board meeting and the Board shall review all membership applications for acceptance.  Those that are accepted become members of the association.

The initial membership fee is $750.00 and due within 90 days after being accepted and invoiced. Annual dues are not currently in place for Members; however the Board may elect to install annual dues in any given year.  Members annually receive 4 guest badges and 1 member badge for the January show and are able to purchase a Club membership at the special Member rate.

If you wish to submit nominations or wish to be nominated into the Western Stock Show Association, please forward both two letters of support for each applicant are forwarded to:

Western Stock Show Association
Attention: Nominating Committee
4655 Humboldt Street
Denver, CO 80216.

MaverickClubLogoJoin one of the most historic brands in the country. Built on education, agriculture and entertainment the National Western Stock Show has been a Colorado tradition for 110 years. Be a part of this western tradition by joining the first-ever Maverick Club. For just $99 you will be part of the largest brand in the West, the National Western Stock Show. This club has no nomination process, no large annual fees, no time commitments or committee requirements. Just the opportunity to enjoy an event that embodies our western past, present and future.

The Maverick Club includes:

  • Commemorative guest badge giving you FREE Grounds Admission for  the 16 days of Stock Show. Please click here for the list of FREE events included with Grounds Admission.
  • Access to a special behind-the-scenes tour of the prestigious event, An Evening of Dancing Horses or access to the exclusive Rodeo 101 session.
  • A limited edition NW Maverick Club car window sticker
  • Ability to purchase access to the exclusive and popular National Western Club at a reduced rate of $125.
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets for the National Western Stock Show and  Rodeo All-Star Weekend prior to the general public.
Click Here to become a Maverick today or call 303-299-5556 now and be part of the first Maverick Club in National Western Stock Show history!
Trustees serve three year terms and are voted on by the general membership of the Association at the annual meeting. New members are required to have one letter of nomination from a Trustee.

  • Term Ending 2018:

    J.J. Ament
    Steve Bangert
    Mark Beauprez
    Hank Brown
    Chris Castilian
    Kay DeLine
    Ben Duke III
    George Eidsness
    Don Elliman
    Brooke Fox
    Tony Frank
    Joey Freund
    Mike Guttersen, Sr.
    Skylar Houston
    Liz Hund
    Buck G. Hutchison
    Douglas L. Jones
    Jeff Keller
    Richard J Maxcy
    Guy McEndaffer
    Charles K Monfort
    Don K. Norgren
    Robert C. Norris
    Barb B. Page
    Tracy Ringolsby
    Wes A. Segelke
    Mike Shaw
    Pat Shaw
    Chuck W. Sylvester
    Hank True
    Barth Whitham
    Court Wold

  • Term Ending in 2019:

    David Ames
    Mark Anderson
    Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
    Glen Benjamin
    Randall Blach
    Art Bosworth
    Thomas H.Bradbury
    Terrance Carroll
    Peter Coors
    Pete Crow
    Crisanta Duran
    Patrick A. Grant
    Khadija Haynes
    Corinne Hummel
    Glen E. Keller, Jr
    Tom Kourlis, Sr.
    Andy Love
    Sharon Magness Blake
    Steve McCarthy
    Amy Parsons
    Ann Alexander Pritzlaff
    Colette Ratcliff
    Kenny Rogers
    W. Richard Scarlett
    Alan Sears
    William Sinclaire
    David Sogge
    Alice Stephens
    Roberto Torres
    Bruce Wagner
    Bill Waneka
    Dan Williams
    Stow L. Witwer, Jr.

  • Term Ending in 2020:

    Jo Adams
    Paul Andrews
    Mary Ann Bledsoe
    Larry Burgess
    Brown Cannon, Jr.
    Cathy Carpenter Dea
    Peter Decker
    Jerry Diaz
    Dan Green
    Virgil Holtgrewe
    Charles W. Kirk
    Leslie Lange
    Kevin McMahon
    John Matsushima
    Dick Monfort
    Dorothy Nepa
    Fred Orr
    Rick Pederson
    Nancy Petry
    Totsy Rees
    Larry Romrell
    Edward W. Serrell, Jr.
    W. Thomas Stephens
    Bob Tointon
    Tim Travis
    Al Yates
    Jim Cage
    Pamela Coe
    Mike Long
    Chancy Love
    Denise O’Leary
    George Sparks
    Carrie Coors Tynan

Trustees Emeritus

Dale “Pete” Atkins
Forrest Bassford
Fay DeBerard
Sarah Forbes
Del Hock
B.W. Pickett
Nick Mathers
Robert Timothy
Joseph Trahan, Jr.

  • Red Meat Club Committee

    Bret Fox, Chairman
    Margaret Bradbury
    Tom Bradbury
    Larry Carnahan
    Dick Crow
    Pete Crow
    Irv Fishman
    Harold Harper
    Nadine Henry
    Virgil Holtgrewe
    Buck Hutchison
    Bill Jackson
    Glen Keller
    John Matsushima
    Kevin McNicholas
    Don Norgren
    Jack Orr
    Marty Segelke
    Wes Segelke
    Bill & Lindsay Serrell
    Family of Dr. Robert Shideler
    Evan Slack
    Chuck Sylvester
    Ron Williams

  • Nominating Committee

    Nancy Tuor Moore, Chair
    Ted Willey
    Glen Keller
    Ben Duke
    Doug Jones

  • Finance & Audit Committee

    Terrance Carroll, Chairman
    Merial Currier
    Dudley Mitchell
    Inder Mathers

  • Membership Services Committee

    Mark Gustafson, Chairman
    Tom Bradbury, Jr.
    Adam Duario
    Jack Hoagland
    Don Tallman
    Donna Garnett
    Ron Schmitz
    Scott Johnson

The Club is a private lunch, lounge, and bar located at the North-West corner of the Hall of Education. Club memberships are available for purchase through the membership desk. The Club is open for lunch each day during the 16 days of the Stock Show for Club members and their guests to enjoy.  Club hours are:

Lunch:   11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Lounge/ Bar: 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM

When you purchase a club membership you receive a club entrance card and four guest passes for each day. Meals are purchased separately and the club has a cash bar. Registration for club membership begins in October prior to the January show.


The Red Meat Club dinner takes place the second Thursday of the stock show and honors the Friend of the national western with an industry speaker and a great meal. The Red Meat Club has no officers and no dues, just good fellowship and an informative program.  Anyone interested in the red meat industry is invited to attend, and reservations are $40.00 per person for the meal.  To join us, please complete a reservation form and return with your check or credit card information in the envelope provided.  Reservations are limited to the first 230 people who respond.

Red Meat Club 2017

Thursday, January 11, 2018 – National Western Club
5:30 p.m. –  Social hour
6:30 p.m. –  Traditional prime rib dinner & awards presentation

Past Friends of the National Western
1993 – Buck Hutchison
1994 – Cecil Hellbusch
1995 – Irwin “Irv” Fishman
1996 – Jack Orr
1997 – Jim & Nadine Henry
1998 – Von Forell Family
1999 – John Matsushima
2000 – Bill Jackson
2001 – Dick Crow
2002 – Don & Donna Norgren
2003 – Tom & Margaret Bradbury
2004 – Evan Slack
2005 – Francis Rogers
2006 – Chuck Sylvester
2007 – Marty & Wes Segelke
2008 – Harold Harper Family
2009 – Virgil Holtgrewe
2010 – Ben & Nita Houston
2011 – Kevin McNicholas
2012 – Bill & Lindsay Serrell
2013 – Dr. Bob Schidler
2014 – Glen Keller
2015 – Carnahan Ranches, Inc.
2016 – Ron Williams
2017 – 4V Ranch Douthit Herefords & Douthit Herefords

We began the Founders Memorial Service in January 2000 to memorialize the life and outstanding accomplishments of Nick Petry, longtime Chairman and President of The Western Stock Show Association. The service is held in conjunction with the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys and gives and opportunity for the National Western to read the names of those past members, outstanding supporters of the Association and past volunteers who have passed on since our last show.

Founders Memorial Service
Denver Coliseum
Sunday, January 15, 2018 | 10:00 a.m.

Contact Us

  • 303-299-5556
  • 303-292-1708

National Western Stock Show
Attn: Membership Services
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216